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Types of Properties Managed

Affordable Property Management Specialists has successfully provided effective rental property management for a variety of clients throughout the Chicago area. We put in the hard work and extra effort it takes to keep a wide range of properties running smoothly.

Multifamily Rental Properties:
• Proficient Leasing
• Aggressive Rent Collection
• Strict Financial Controls
• Long-Term Financial Planning
• Efficient Maintenance Operations

LIHTC, DOH, IHDA, & CHAC Properties:
• Full Regulatory Compliance • Experience with Reporting Requirements • Ability to Correct Noncompliance Issue

• Assistance with REAC Issues • TRACS Capabilities

Condominium Associations:
• Experience with & Knowledge of the Condo Act • Efficient Budgeting & Planning
• Board Participation & Assistance
• Condo Maintenance Services

Investor/Owner Units:
• Systems Adaptable for Small Projects • Hands-On Services

Current Properties:
• New Moms
• 5840 S.M.L. King Drive., LP
• Access Housing
• South Langley
• Home First Illinois (Condo Units with Wheelchair Accessibility)